President : Bill Bone

     Founder/Life President :

        Karin Page


Christian Spiritualist Church

Independent Church


Prayers and Invocations

49 Edge End Road, Broadstairs Kent CT10 2AH

Telephone : 07551 596085

Email : starofeast@icloud.com

My Prayer

May the Light of Christ in my heart stand guard over my thoughts and guide my speech and action into a way of service.

May the Light of Christ shine from my heart:

To heal the sick in mind and body;

To comfort the bereaved;

To sustain the weary.

May the Light of Christ illumine my understanding and the understanding of all men,

bringing true vision and awareness of the Eternal Life,

And of the Christ within all mankind.


*  *  *  *  *  *


"Hearts are like flowers - they cannot be opened by force,

they must open by themselves."  

Omar Khayyam

Without you, the Universe would be incomplete. A star studded sky would be missing its brightest star. The glorious colours of dawn's new day would be a little less colourful. The flowers blooming in the garden would be missing their most precious flower. The birds would sing, not quite so sweetly. The rainbow would be missing some of its brilliant colour. Yes, without you, the Universe would be incomplete. Be you my spouse, a dearest close friend or just an acquaintance, without your presence, my life would incomplete.

Dear friends are like butterflies landing upon our hands on a bright summer's day. Some linger for just a moment or two before fluttering away; some linger for much longer, but no matter how long the butterfly stays, it is not ours to keep. We have no hold upon it and closing our fingers and grasping it in our hand would only crush it, so we allow it its freedom with the skies above. We cannot put chains around the hearts of true friends because the greatest of bonds between two people are no chains at all. You are my friend because you wish to be, not because I order you to be and, for that, I am truly thankful and eternally grateful.

When we reach out to touch the lives of others, something rather wonderful happens. Because we do it with no thought of reward or favour, it is we ourselves who receive the most from the experience.

When you are sad, I am here to listen to you.

When you are happy, my heart will sing with you.

When you are worried, my heart will answer you.

When you feel lonely, my heart will uplift you.

Bless you.

I see the world covered with a blanket of love,

And I see it touching and illuminating every soul.

I see this light permeating and saturating every form of life,

There is total oneness now.

I see and feel this love flowing through every fibre,

I see anything unlike it completely dissolved by the light within - right now.

I see all mankind recognising, accepting and expressing the

Perfect health, happiness, love, enthusiasm, freedom and

Fulfilment, all the riches of the Universe that is theirs by

Divine right in their life - right now.

I see LOVE flowing forth from every heart, I see JOY,

TRUST and TRUTH vibrating each soul, and all hearts

And minds as one in perfect UNDERSTANDING.


I am so grateful that it is so, I completely accept it.

I release it to the law, I let it be so, and so it is!

Vision for the World