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        Karin Page


Christian Spiritualist Church

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Medium is a person who can link into the spirit world and communicate from them to us.

The link can vary and can be clairvoyant, where the medium sees spirit, clairaudient where they can hear spirit or clairsentient where they can sense spirit, or it can be a mixture of more than one of these.

What is a Medium?

A Chairperson takes responsibility for the running of the service and a Medium (or two) or Speaker takes the service. A chairperson takes responsibility and there is a plate at the door, on entry for freewill donations.

Our order of service consists of the introduction of the Medium/Speaker to the congregation, followed by a hymn or relevant song or piece of music, an opening prayer and reading, and absent healing. The Medium then gives an inspired talk, followed by another hymn or song, then a demonstration of Mediumship before  a closing prayer and vesper.

Refreshments are served after the service for a small cost, along with a chance to chat or talk to the Medium.

What is a Divine Service?

Spiritualism is a state recognised, rational religion based on the proven knowledge that a person's spirit survives physical death.

Spiritualist philosophy contains neither dogma nor creed and is usually discussed rather than preached.

Spiritualism is not only something which is practised as a form of worship within a church, but as an influence upon our lives and our attitudes towards life and people in general. It is simply, 'a way of life'.

What is Spiritualism?

A spiritual healer links into the Universal Energies which flow through them and is released through their hands. All our spiritual healers are trained.

Spiritual healing takes place in our dedicated healing room. The person requesting the healing, enters the room when asked and the spiritual healer explains what is to take place. Spiritual healing can be hands-on or hands-off, as required and the recipient takes in the healing energies that it requires. Afterwards, the recipient returns to the Hall.  

Spiritual healing is usually available after the Sunday and Friday services, if a spiritual healer is available. A small donation is asked for, to cover the cost of the Hall.

All the spiritual healers are trained and any spiritual healing is done as a Complementary Therapy and not as an alternative form of medicine or as a substitute for seeing a doctor or receiving medical care.

If you are interested in becoming a spiritual healer, speak to the person in charge on the day you attend.

What is Spiritual Healing?

A circle is where a small group of people meet for the purpose of spiritual development. It is led by a medium who is responsible for the safety of the circle. A circle can be 'open' where anyone can attend or it can be closed where specific people only attend each week.

What is a Circle?

Nothing could be further from the truth; if anything it is the other way round. Ample evidence exists throughout history that if and when they are willing, those in spirit, ie loved ones who have passed before us into spirit, call us.

Do spiritualists call up or speak to the dead?

After introductions and an opening prayer the Medium links in with the spirit world and receives details and information for a member of the audience. After the session there is a closing prayer.

There is a set payment for these events, paid at the door.

If people make changes to their lives following a reading or message, we are not responsible for those choices, they are. When people pay for a reading, they are paying for the medium's time and not for the results.

What is a Mediumship Demonstration?

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