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Welcome to the Poems page

A Silent Tear

Just close your eyes and you will see

All the memories that you have of me.

Just sit and relax and you will find

I'm really still there inside your mind.

Don't cry for me now I'm gone,

For I am in the Land of Song.

There is no pain, there is no fear

So dry away that silent tear.

Don't think of me in the dark and  cold

For here I am, no longer old.

I'm in that place that's filled with love

Known to you all as "UP ABOVE".

Have You had a Kindness Shown

Have you had a kindness shown?

Pass it on!

'Twas not given for thee alone

Pass it on!

Let it travel down the years,

Let it wipe another's tears,

Til in heaven the dead appears,

Pass it on!

Did you hear the loving word?

Pass it on!

Like the singing of a bird

Pass it on!

Let its music live and grow,

Let it cheer another's woe,

You have reaped what others sow,

Pass it on!

'Twas the sunshine of a smile -

Pass it on!

Staying but a little while -

Pass it on!

April beam, the little thing,

Still it wakes the flowers spring,

Make the silent birds to sing,

Pass it on!

Have you found the heavenly light?

Pass it on!

Souls are groping in the night,

Daylight gone;

Hold thy lighted lamp on high,

Be a star in someone's sky;

He may live who else would die,

Pass it on!

Be not selfish in they greed,

Pass it on!

Look upon they brother's need:

Pass it on!

Live for self, you live in vain;

Live for Christ, you live again;

Live for Him, with Him you reign -

Pass it on!

Meditation - by Pixie Angel Rose

Across from the seaside, my little house sits

I'm lost in meditation, my head slowly rebuilding its bits.

I'm lost in contentment as my soul tries to breathe

Looking for meaning and learning to be at ease.

White clouds moving slowly, the breeze a calm still;

I'm caught in the moment as my heart starts to heal.

I rise up and up into the bright blue sky,

As I spread my wings and my soul starts to fly.

I fly to so many places where pain and hurt once dwelled,

As the memories flow past me, my eyes start to swell.

Tear drops drip slowly down my rosy cheeks,

The wind wipes them dry and gives me some peace.

Soaring free over water and land, my spirit guide gently

takes me by the hand.

He shows me what was and what is meant to be,

And why my life is so important it seems.

Flying so mightily, like the eagle up high;

life lessons I've been learning and I begin to learn why.

Now back on land across from the sea,

I begin to realise the healing in me.

My guide always with me, I'm never alon,

Showing me all that is good, until it's time to return home.