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We all need sunshine. Some may not like the heat of it but the light from it is necessary to our souls.

Yellow, golden light, a high spiritual colour warms us all and it is not coincidence that our solar plexus, the chakra of emotions and gut feelings, is yellow. Some people need more sun than others, especially the more sensitive people, as they need to regenerate this colour in their aura because of the colour being used from them having heightened emotions.

Gold has been precious to man for centuries and not only for its monetary value but for its emotional value and shining light. Very few adults have no gold at all and it has usually been the metal of wedding bands signifying a joining of two people. The love we have for others is not only from the heart but from the solar plexus chakra. if you have lost someone or something dear to you such as a pet, the pain is below the heart, like a hole or wound that won't heal.

Sunshine gives us other things too. Physically it can make us feel better, help us to make vitamin D in the skin and generally, for most people, help us to feel healthier. But like anything, a balance is needed as too much can be harmful, we can burn and get sore. Moderation with the sun is important.

Many tribes in the past have worshipped the sun and felt that good fortune came from it. Sunshine does help the garden grow, it helps the leaves produce oxygen so we can breathe on this planet as without it, we wouldn't be here. Sunshine helps us to feel good, even from looking at it from inside. Would you rather have rain or sun? We need both but after the rain, always comes the sun. It helps with our life's breath.

Rays of the sun touch us all in many ways. If a cloud blocks the sun out, often there is light, like a halo, around it hence 'every cloud has a silver (or golden) lining'.

And what are often the most beautiful parts of our days - sunrise and sunset and often it is very difficult, just from a picture, to tell the difference.

Sunrise signals a new day, a new beginning lighting up our world after a night of darkness. Sunset signals the end of the day, to give us a chance to rest and recharge before the start of another day. Both times can be beautiful and breath-taking and are all part of our ebb and flow of life.

We come back to balance. If we did not have cloud or sunshine or night with day, how would we have any contrasts to help us appreciate more one over the other?

For most people, a degree of warmth is comforting, like a blanket or cushion that gets a hug when other sources of comfort are not at hand. Warmth can give us a glow and help us feel better. Notice, I say warmth and not heat as heat would be an extreme.

Sunshine lights our path, helps things grow and helps us appreciate very much the planet we live on and the environment that surrounds us.

Embrace it every day. The yellow, the gold, the warmth and use it to light up your life to nurture your solar plexus, so you can move forward in love and light which you can pass on and radiate to others.

Praise be with you.

Leonardo Da Vinci

She was Beautiful - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Men should not be excluded from this so remember there can be a 'she' in all of us.

She was beautiful for the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved.

She was beautiful for the way she thought.

She was beautiful for her ability to make other people smile even though she was sad.

No, she wasn't beautiful as something as temporary as her looks, she was beautiful deep down to her soul.

She is beautiful.

Everyone deserves to be reminded of this simple message that they are beautiful for who they are, not just for looks but that they are special in their own way.