President : Bill Bone

     Founder/Life President :

        Karin Page


Christian Spiritualist Church

Independent Church


"A big Congratulations to the Star of the East for its 30th Anniversary - a Pearl celebration. We extend out thanks to Karin and the Team for all the hard work done to get the Star a reality and for all the help done since to help all those in need.

"We look forward to going into the future."

Bill and Janet Bone and the Team


Latest News Update

Karin Page and Olivia Waring at the Hall

Regrettably, Karin Page has decided that, due to her health issues, she can no longer keep on the responsibility of running the Star of the East Hall which she has been doing for nearly thirty years. Karin asked us, Bill and Janet Bone, if we would take over the running of the Star for her. We were honoured to be asked and agreed, and this was ratified by the Committee on the 10th September 2020. Karin will remain the Life President and has agreed to remain available for advice if needed, and obviously, once she is mobile again, we will see her back in the Star.

As we have to limit what we are able to offer at present, it does mean we can be 'broken in gently' to the running of the Church. Luckily Bill, with his previous wife Norah, ran the spiritualist church in Margate for ten years a few years ago, so does have the necessary experience.

We look forward to seeing how the future of the Star of the East Hall pans out and to seeing our friends back in the Church and to welcome all new friends too.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, activities at the Hall are being limited. There are no therapies or healing sessions available, but they will of course be offered again as soon as the authorities deem it safe and feasible to do so.

In these difficult times anyone coming to the hall can be assured of a warm, welcome and genuine friendly, comforting atmosphere.

A Special Message from Karin

On Standing Down.

Sadly, my failing health and now my broken femur means that I'm no longer able to undertake tasks and roles as I have done over so many years and it is time for me to stand down, although still supporting The Star of the East in the Honorary role of 'Founder and Life President'.

Since the day I set foot in the old Templar Hall some 29 years ago, life has been full of changes, ambitions and setbacks. But all were overcome by friendship and Faith. Today, the Church is in a strong position, both financially and structurally, and able to continue into the future.

There has been help and support from so many quarters. However, I must mention Olivia, who has been our Vice President since the post was created. Many of us miss her garden parties and meals so beautifully prepared and the many, many, flower arrangements

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